New Traktomizer Audio Analysis Software

“It took me over a year to code Traktomizer
= some 200 000+ lines of Python/C++ code.”

Traktomizer Identifies Your Song’s Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses for All the Audio Vectors the Recommendation Platforms are Trained on for Playlisting Music. Traktomizer First Analyzes and Benchmarks Your Song and then Offers a Precision Suggestion List of Audio Properties Requiring the Least Tweak for the Greatest Gain in Song Likability and Playlist Worthiness – Take a look

Audio Analysys, Methode Le'Spotify...this way ~>

ReverbNation: OK Follow Spot

“ Follow me on ReverbNation
… keep me in the No.1 spot…”

For more than a year I have remained No.1 on the Reverbnation Charts for South Africa and Cape Town (Electronica / House / Elecro). Follow me on RN and let’s keep me in the number one spot – well at least until RN sign up a second South African customer 😛

Follow me on RN (News and Downloads Incl.)

Making A Buzz @ Instagram

Follow Traktomizer on Instagram – ‘it’s buzzzzzing over there’

800 Follows in Traktomizer’s First Week on Instagram – quite good me thinks.
Comments such as #amazing #fresh #empowering #WOW
It’s a buzz and it represents brand new opportunities for tech-savvy Muso’s

I Like It!

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